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What We Do

Streamline and simplify your concrete ordering management and real-time truck tracking.

ConcreteDirect—Holcim’s concrete ordering solution—enables the world to build safer, smarter and more sustainably by providing all stakeholders, direct or indirect, with the relevant data granularity on any device, any location, any time.

How It Works

A platform that seamlessly connects every element of the supply chain

  • For Customers
  • For Drivers
  • For Dispatchers

For Customers

A fast and simple way to order and track your concrete deliveries in real-time.

ConcreteDirect’s services ensure that you are able to:

  • Place a new order with a few clicks
  • Track your order in real-time
  • Amend orders via livechat
  • View the status of all orders
  • Share tickets with your entire team - Go Paperless!
  • See records and performance metrics of all previous pours!
  • Web-based access included

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For Drivers

On-the-fly information for drivers to quickly and successfully complete their delivery.

ConcreteDirect’s services ensure that you have access to:

  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Notes and comments
  • Truck status
  • Push to talk voice communication
  • QR Codes to ease ticket sharing
  • Instant communication of safety risks
  • Digital vehicle inspection records

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For Dispatchers

Customer management, order tracking and a lot more from a centralized location.

ConcreteDirect’s services ensure that you have access to:

  • Customer chat
  • Order receiving
  • Live truck location
  • Broadcast messaging with customers and drivers
  • Dispatching and management capabilities
  • Tickets export and sharing
  • Management of truck inspection records and

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What Makes Us Different

Solutions And Services

All of this on your fingertips, from anywhere in the world

Solutions and services designed to simplify your business operations – from managing orders to tracking trucks and a lot more.

ConcreteDirect’s services ensure that you are able to:

  • Speed: Save critical business time
  • Reliability: Have complete transparency of all your operations
  • Efficiency: Drive better overall business revenues
  • Sustainability: View product information and monitor CO2

Our Customers’ Experiences

What they feel about us

The best concrete delivery software ever

"The app enables our team to communicate with each other what the orders are and that helps streamline our process and allows for more control over each individual’s operation. Instead of one person placing orders for the entire company, I can have three or four responsible people in charge of their own scheduling. As the owner of the business, I can see what is going on through my phone at each project site as well."

Sam Cain

Owner, Cain Construction Co., USA

A big step forward for construction industry!

"I've been ordering concrete with Aggregates Industries for 15 years. The fact that they've come through and developed this app to help with things has been a big step forward. That's something we've used extensively and having them and their expertise all over the world to help back that up has been a value."

Charlie Dennison

Field Engineer, G&C Operations Inc, USA

Time is the new strength

“We can follow up on orders in real-time--we know when the truck leaves the plant and what time exactly it arrives on the job site. This way, I can inform my customers and manage our waiting time on site, which increases our flexibility, proactivity and productivity. In sum, a great app that we use everyday!”

Florent Pichon

Construction Engineer, PolyBeton, Canada.

Success at the start

"It is the first time that I lead the construction processes in this jobsite, so the app has helped me a lot."

Mariana González Guevara

Construction Resident, Caisa Edificaciones del Centro, México.

A breeze with ConcreteDirect

"Since my team and I started to use ConcreteDirect, the concrete business is a breeze. Whenever needed, I can change both the mix and delivery on the fly, and through the instant in-app messaging our dedicated dispatchers always make sure I don’t miss a thing--enabling safety and sustainability at all times."

Gregory Lehrl

Operations Manager. Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.

I wouldn’t go without ConcreteDirect

“I want to see what ConcreteDirect can bring forward in the next year or two. It’s been a fantastic tool for us to have. I wouldn’t go without it."

Diego Baretta

General Superintendent, Fath Industries Ltd.

Visibility is key

“Having visibility takes a lot of pressure out of managing the concrete.”

Robert Skierka

General Service Contractor, EllisDon